CMC, MR16 Growing LED Plant Lamp for Indoor Grow Light E26 E27 Full Spectrum LED Greenhouse Bulb E14 Phyto Lamp 220V GU10 48 60 80led B22

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Product Specifications:
Item: Plant growth lamp

LED Chips: 2835 SMD

LED Quantity: 48Leds/60Leds/80Leds

Input Voltage: AC 220V

Lifespan: 50000hours

Base Type: E26/E27/E14/B22/GU10/MR16

Spectral range effects on plant physiology:

  • 280nm ~ 315nm influence on morphological and physiological processes is minimal.
  • 315 nm ~ 420nm chlorophyll absorbs less impact photoperiod effect, prevent stem elongation.
  • 420 nm ~ 500nm (blue) chlorophyll and carotenoids absorbed the largest proportion, the greatest impact on photosynthesis.
  • 500 nm ~ 620nm dye absorption rate is not high.
  • 620nm ~ 750nm (red) chlorophyll absorption rate "high", has a significant influence on photosynthesis and photoperiod effect.
  • 750nm ~ 1000nm absorption rate, stimulate cell elongation, impact of flowering and seed germination.
  • > 1000nm converted into calorie.


Full-spectrum that is necessary & critical for plants growing & flowering (from seeding to harvest).
Plants like the 525nm Green the way they look like. More healthy if plants are in enough green appearance.
450nm Blue & 630nm Red is accelerating leaf growing.
660nm Red is promoting flowering.
7000k White is to be replacer of HPS, HID, MH.
Perfect for small Grow Box,Grow Tent, DIY Hydroponics, Bonsai, Garden... etc.
Comfortable, Humanistic & High-performing.
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