CMC, LED Night Light Novelty Christmas Tree Lampara USB Colorful Table Lamp for Xmas Crystal Salt Night Lamp Home Decor Lighting

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  1. High brightness, low power consumption
  2. Indoor decoration light
  3. Made of high-quality material, durable for daily use
  4. Very low heat generating, besides saving light power
  5. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  6. Long lifespan: more than 50000 hours.
  7. Safe and environment-friendly, no radiation or pollution elements.
  8. Light up your holiday party with the flashing night lights
  9. Bright fairy lights to decorate your Christmas, wedding, party, festival, etc.

Product parameter

Power input:DC5V 1A
Net Weight:163g
Packaging: 85*85*225mm
Switching method: Touch the switch
Usage mode: battery storage & USB power supply Official accessories: Lamp body+USB cable+Crystal salt stone


  1. Touch the switch and turn into the first mode: Full bright(illumination+colorful flicker)
  2. Press the switch again-2nd: Turn off the illumination light effect of the base, and keep the colorful light effect.
  3. Press the switch again-3rd: Turn off the colorful light effect, and open the illumination light effect of the base with 100% brightness.
  4. Press the switch again-4th: Adjust the light effect brightness to 50%.
  5. Press the switch again-5th: Adjust the light effect brightness to 30%.
  6. Press the switch again-5th: Turn off the lamp.

1. Keep the device away from fire, water and avert the product immersed in water in order to avoid explosion, leakage.
2. No one except professional technicians should attempt to disassemble the device in order to avoid damaging the product.

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